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AI models give 'false impression of safety', LGBTQIA+ policy ruling and Substack update

The week in content moderation - edition #231

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With last week's announcement at Discord and the news of impending job losses at Google, there's a Groundhog Day feeling about today's newsletter. But, as you read on, I hope you're also reminded about the "wonderful, committed people" working in the online safety space.

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New and emerging internet policy and online speech regulation

The Oversight Board has ruled that Meta must better enforce its LGBTQIA+ policies after overturning the company's decision to leave up a post which advocated for trans people to commit suicide. The independent-but-Meta-funded council of experts found that, despite 11 people reporting the post by a Polish user, it was allowed to stay up because all but two reports were automatically closed by its moderation systems. One Board Member told Rolling Stone that this showed that:

"Meta has the right ideals, it’s just living under those ideals, rather than living up to them"

Advocacy organisation GLAAD welcomed the decision and urged Meta to "urgently create and share an action plan for addressing the epidemic of anti-trans hate that runs rampant across Facebook, Instagram, and Threads".

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