'Viewpoints' is a space on EiM for people working in and adjacent to content moderation and online safety to share their knowledge and experience on a specific and timely topic.
Photo of Agne Kaarlep from Tremau next to graphical typeface that says Viewpoint

Agne Kaarlep on preparing for and complying with the Digital Services Act

Covering: interpreting the ambiguities of the DSA, establishing data infrastructure for transparency reporting and preparing for legal challenges
8 min read

Shelby Grossman on creating an academic discipline around trust and safety

Covering: the ethical challenges of researching misinformation, Stanford's trust and safety teaching consortium and encouraging private research to be made public
12 min read
Kat Duffy is Senior Fellow at the Digital Forensic Research Lab and director of the Task Force for a Trustworthy Future Web

Kat Duffy on the state of the trust and safety industry in 2023 and what comes next

Covering: what the gaming industry can teach us about online safety and expanding research and capacity in Global Majority countries
12 min read
Jess Miers, Legal Advisory Counsel at the Chamber of Progress

Jess Miers on Gonzalez v. Google and the Supreme Court's plans for Section 230

Covering: TikTok divestiture and the pros and cons of age verification
28 min read
Venessa Paech, director of Australian Community Managers and founder of All Things in Moderation

Venessa Paech on the rise of AI speech governance and content moderation's PR problem

Covering: building a moderation community of practice and her new conference, All Things in Moderation
6 min read
Glenn Ellingson, former engineering manager at Meta

Glenn Ellingson on mitigating bad behaviour and the limitations of enforce/allow

Covering: adding friction to increase user safety and measuring on and off-platform outcomes
11 min read
Headshot of Bri Riggio, Head of Platform Policy team at Discord

Bri Riggio on writing content policies and helping her team learn and grow

Covering: making the transition into the trust and safety industry and creating policies with trade-offs
12 min read
Allison Nixon on detecting threats and 'high-harm' actors

Allison Nixon on detecting threats and 'high-harm' actors

Covering: referring actors to law enforcement and the difficulty of getting a paid security role
5 min read
Lauren Wagner on shipping trust and safety products and reimagining the social web

Lauren Wagner on shipping trust and safety products and reimagining the social web

Covering: having impact from inside a large company and investing in technology to improve the internet
4 min read
Picture of Jen Weedon, former senior manager, threat intelligence at Facebook

Jen Weedon on anticipating platform threats and how to manage burnout

Covering: empowering integrity professionals to do their job and aligning trust and safety goals with other teams
12 min read