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๐Ÿ“Œ Moderation is mainstream

The week in content moderation - edition #1

Thanks for being one of the early people to sign up to Everything in Moderation. It's nice to see both some new names and some old colleagues. Please donโ€™t be shy with your feedback โ€” just hit reply and send me one or two lines. I promise, Iโ€™m much tougher than I look.

It would make sense for me to explain a bit about who I am and why Iโ€™ve finally got round to starting this but thereโ€™s so much to get to, Iโ€™ll save that for another day.

Thanks for reading โ€” BW

Moderation is mainstream

Thereโ€™s something strange and also amazing about the fact that content moderation (a job that was not too long ago described as โ€˜the worst job goingโ€™) is now being discussed, seriously, on a US conservative radio show with 13.5 million weekly listeners. How far we've come.

Jack Dorsey's interview with Sean Hannity yesterday (you can listen here) didn't say anything new (he essentially talked the host through Twitter's abuse rules) but it was symbolic.

Whatever you think about Alex Jones, know this: moderation is mainstream now.

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