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A product 'cookbook' for reducing harm, Christchurch Call under the spotlight and Kethryvis podcast

The week in content moderation - edition #225

Hello and welcome to Everything in Moderation, your guide to the policies, products, platforms and people shaping the future of online speech and the internet. It's written by me, Ben Whitelaw and supported by members like you.

Today marks exactly three months until the Digital Services Act becomes applicable to thousands of digital services. Are you and your platform ready? A new EiM Viewpoint provides some tangible advice if you're wondering how best to use the time ahead. Read on for more.

I'm taking some much needed time off from my day job in a beautiful spot near one of the most famous early methods of human harm prevention. The EiM Subscriber Survey I mentioned last week? You'll have the chance to fill that in next week. Which should be enough time for new subscribers from Mozilla, Thorn, Lex, Bodyguard, Depop, Trustpilot and others to get settled. Welcome to you all.

Here's everything in moderation from the last seven days — BW


New and emerging internet policy and online speech regulation

The Christchurch Call — the 2019 cross-platform initiative created to mitigate the spreading of terrorist content (EiM #38) — is facing arguably its toughest period to date after French President Emmanuel Macron criticised Google and Facebook for not sending representatives to a summit in Paris this week. Politico has more on his remarks, which come as four platforms — Anthropic, Discord, OpenAI, and Vimeo — also joined the Call. TikTok, however, is still notable in its absence (see Posts of Note).

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