'Viewpoints' is a space on EiM for people working in and adjacent to content moderation and online safety to share their knowledge and experience on a specific and timely topic.
A headshot of a man called Sahar Massachi from the Integrity Institute

Sahar Massachi on co-creating a community of integrity professionals from scratch

Covering: the difference between integrity and ethics and what it was like building the Integrity Institute
11 min read
Billy Perrigo, TIME journalist

Billy Perrigo on investigating Facebook's 'ethical' outsourced content moderation in Kenya

Covering: outsourced content moderation in Africa and the challenges of unionising
6 min read
Tesh Goyal, Google Research's Head of User Research for Responsible AI Tools

Tesh Goyal on devising a new framework for dealing with online harassment

Covering: using Perspective API to automatically detect abuse and open-sourcing Harassment Manager for other newsrooms
8 min read
Jessica Mason, Head of Global Policy and Public Affairs at Clubhouse

Jess Mason on how Clubhouse structures its trust and safety team

Covering: working with third-party groups to develop effective policy and how to get feedback from users on new guidelines
7 min read
Professor Lilian Edwards from the University of Newcastle

Professor Lilian Edwards on how to moderate 'uncertain' science information

Covering: how social media takedowns of misinformation can undermine the scientific process and public trust
7 min read
Talita Dias, Shaw Foundation Junior Research Fellow in Law at Jesus College, Oxford University

Talita Dias on tackling hate speech with civil and political rights

Covering: how the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) can tackle hate speech and maintain freedom of expression
12 min read
Jillian C. York, author of Silicon Values and director for International Freedom of Expression at EFF

Jillian C. York on the newly revised Santa Clara Principles

Covering: why an inclusive process was key and what Trust and Safety teams should take from the new recommendations
7 min read