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'Very, very lax' platform rules, 100 days of the DSA and publicly funded online spaces

The week in content moderation - edition #250

Hello and welcome to Everything in Moderation's Week in Review, your in-depth guide to the policies, products, platforms and people shaping the future of online speech and the internet. It's written by me, Ben Whitelaw and supported by members like you.

Today's newsletter is something of a milestone. It's the 250th edition (!) of the weekly roundup, which I started back in August 2018 with mention of Jack Dorsey, Alex Jones and, erm, Tony the Tiger. Almost six years later, and without more than two weeks break at any point, I've somehow hit the big two fifty.

In that time, EiM has become entrusted by almost 3,000 policy experts, academics, technologists, regulators, non-profit workers, researchers, product managers and variations of all of the above. I've done Q&As with EiM subscribers, taken part in panels with them and even started a brand new newsletter with one. Throughout, it's focus has remained the same — to support and highlight the vital work being done by people — like you — shaping the future of online speech.

So, whether you're an original subscriber or new to the list, thanks for reading and supporting EiM. There is lots more I want to do but, for now, a break is needed. The next Week in Review will be on the 14th June.

That's enough of me. Here's your weekly rundown of online speech and content moderation related news — BW

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New and emerging internet policy and online speech regulation

It’s been 100 days since the Digital Services Act started to apply to all EU intermediaries — but what effect has it had so far? Tech Policy Press has produced an in-depth series looking at its early implementation as well as its impact on platform transparency and related EU regulation.

It's too soon to draw many conclusions but I would recommend checking out:

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